EURDEP: EUropean Radioactivity Data Exchange Platform.

The geographical map that will appear after acceptance of this disclaimer shows (part of) the measurements of environmental radioactivity originating from some 4200 stations in 34 European countries. Most of these measurements are unvalidated, which means that defects in the instruments, electronics or software can result in erroneous values. Who visits this site regularly will notice that on an almost daily basis, one or more of the 4200 monitoring stations are out of order and show abnormally high readings. As a consequence isolated violet or red dots on the map are NOT an indication of increased radiological values. Even several violet or red dots near to the same geographical location or near a Nuclear Power Plant is not a certainty of an ongoing accident because they are most likely caused by calibration tests on the related monitoring stations. To reduce the number of erroneous values, several countries do not wish to show their measurement data to the public in real-time and have therefore imposed a delay. The current setting of the delay for each country can be viewed by clicking "Tools" and then "Country Info" from the top left-hand side menu. In conclusion, the data published through the EURDEP network does not have an alerting function (the notification of an radiological accident or emergency is accomplished through appropriate early notification networks such as ECURIE or EMERCON, operated respectively by the EC and the IAEA) and it is agreed that no actions may be based on the data without prior consultation with the data-provider.

All data that is exchanged via EURDEP are subject of copyright by the original data provider and cannot be used for other purposes, including scientific research, without prior written agreement from the relevant official EURDEP Contact Point(s)

A more detailed description of the EURDEP system can be found at http://eurdep.jrc.ec.europa.eu